Study in English!

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You can join a multinational group of students choosing one of the programmes offered by our university. Only this year have we already admitted almost 100 students from all over the world.  You will have a chance to study with people from Indonesia, China, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia, Turkey, Nigeria, Uganda, Russia, Egypt or Pakistan. Needless to say, you will also have an opportunity to study with Polish colleagues. The University of Opole offers you a unique chance to immerse into a multicultural environment giving you an unforgettable experience and preparing you to live and work in the globalized world.

You can apply for the following BA programmes: International BusinessEnglish in Public CommunicationEnglish Studies, and Polish Studies. If you already have a BA degree and want to continue your education you can choose from the following MA programmes: PalaeolobiologySustainable DevelopmentEnglish StudiesEuropa Master - (in English and French), and Intercultural Communication. For graduates of humanities the Faculty of Philology has prepared PhD Programme in English Language and Literature.   

Additionally, if you are an Erasmus+ exchange student or just a free mover and you are already studying social sciences and humanities you can build up your own study programme out of the following courses listed here